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Research students

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  • Kwan Sheng Ong (MSc, in progress)
  • Bowan Hafey (PhD, in progress)
  • Chengjing Zhang (PhD, in progress): Theta correspondence
  • Kevin Fergusson (MSc 2023): Differential equations satisfied by modular forms
  • Miles Koumouris (MSc 2023): Modular forms modulo powers of primes
  • Yiannis Fam (MPhil 2023): Quaternionic modular forms mod p
  • Tracey Chen (MSc 2022): Modular forms and Galois representations
  • Katherine Saunders (MSc 2021): Modular forms and Rankin--Cohen brackets, a representation-theoretic perspective
  • Daniel Johnston (MSc 2020): Defining newforms in characteristic $p$
  • Zekun Ji (Vacation scholar 2019): Galois representations
  • Brian Waxmann (MSc 2019): Constant in $\sum_{n\leq X} \pi(n)^{-1}$
  • Lynn Engelberts (Vacation scholar 2019): Implementation of modular forms algorithms in Julia and Nemo
  • Zhehao Li (MSc 2018): Trace formulas and their applications
  • Owen Colman (MSc 2018): A geometric approach to Maass' operator on Siegel modular forms
  • Abdullatif Abdulrahman M Altheyab (MSc 2018): Conics and elliptic curves in number theory and cryptography
  • Hanter Wibawanti (MSc 2016): Quasimodular forms
  • Angus McAndrew (MPhil 2015): Galois representations and theta operators for Siegel modular forms
  • James Withers (MPhil 2014): Explicit computation of Hecke module structure on spaces of modular forms
  • Robert Sayer (MSc 2014): The paramodular conjecture
  • Max Flander (PhD 2014): Operators for Siegel modular forms (mod p)
  • Angus McAndrew (MSc 2013): Modular forms and Maeda's conjecture
  • Leon Di Stefano (MSc 2013): Geometry of Gaussian graphical models
  • Mitchell Brunton (Vacation scholar 2013): Multiple zeta values
  • Angus McAndrew (Vacation scholar 2012): Comparison of integer relation algorithms
  • Sam Chow (MPhil 2012): Distinguishing modular eigenforms (mod p)
  • Scott Mullane (MSc 2011): Vanishing of sheaf cohomology
  • Matt Collins (Hons 2011): Representations of algebraic Heisenberg groups
  • Peter Humphries (Vacation scholar 2009): Computing dimensions of spaces of modular forms of weight one over the complex numbers

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