Alex Ghitza

I am an associate professor in Pure Mathematics at the University of Melbourne, in Australia. My research is in arithmetic algebraic geometry, an area at the intersection of number theory and algebraic geometry. I am also keenly interested in computational aspects of both number theory and algebraic geometry.

I am part of the Number Theory Group, and secretary of Number Theory Down Under.

Anna Medvedovsky and I taught a short course on Galois representations and modular forms at the Introduction to SAGA research school at Luminy in early 2023.

Chenyan Wu and I organised the 2020 Number Theory Down Under meeting.


email -- arXiv -- orcid -- github -- bitbucket -- google scholar

Consultation: Mondays 10am-11am in Peter Hall 166, Thursdays 2pm-2:30pm after the lecture (outside Elisabeth Murdoch G06), Fridays 12:45pm-2:15pm in Peter Hall 166.

Mailing address: Alex Ghitza, School of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Melbourne, Parkville VIC 3010, Australia.

Recent publications (more here)

Current teaching (more here)

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