Alex Ghitza

NUmber Theory Seminar


Chenyan Wu and I are running a working seminar on things number-theoretic.

Chenyan is currently looking after the organisation of the seminar. For up-to-date-information, please see the current seminar webpage.


The seminar is typically an amalgamation of working together through various topics, mini-courses, and miscellaneous talks by visitors and locals. You can click on each year below to see the list of talks.
  • 2019: Parts of the book by Chenevier--Lannes on automorphic forms; Tate's thesis following Poonen; Eisenstein series
  • 2018: Finding modular abelian surfaces; parts of Behrend's introduction to stacks
  • 2017: Modularity of Galois representations; arithmetic of elliptic curves
  • 2016: Jared Weinstein's survey of reciprocity laws and Galois representations; some local Langlands and perfectoid spaces
  • 2015: Heisenberg groups and theta functions; Hodge theory; introduction to algebraic number theory
  • 2014: Elliptic functions; introduction to diophantine approximation; Heisenberg groups and theta functions
  • 2013: Serre's Duke paper on modularity; miscellaneous
  • 2012: Hecke algebras; chapter 1 of Bump's book on automorphic forms

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