Alex Ghitza

NUmber Theory Seminar


Chenyan Wu and I are running a working seminar on things number-theoretic.

In Semester 2, 2022, we will be working through parts of the upcoming book An introduction to automorphic representations by Getz and Hahn. For more information, please see the current seminar webpage.


The seminar is typically an amalgamation of working together through various topics, mini-courses, and miscellaneous talks by visitors and locals. You can click on each year below to see the list of talks.
  • 2022: Basic notions in modular and automorphic forms; Automorphic representations, following Getz-Hahn
  • 2021: Global Jacquet-Langlands theory, following Godement's notes; The 1-3 of modular forms
  • 2020: Local Jacquet-Langlands theory, following Godement's notes
  • 2019: Parts of the book by Chenevier--Lannes on automorphic forms; Tate's thesis following Poonen; Eisenstein series
  • 2018: Finding modular abelian surfaces; parts of Behrend's introduction to stacks
  • 2017: Modularity of Galois representations; arithmetic of elliptic curves
  • 2016: Jared Weinstein's survey of reciprocity laws and Galois representations; some local Langlands and perfectoid spaces
  • 2015: Heisenberg groups and theta functions; Hodge theory; introduction to algebraic number theory
  • 2014: Elliptic functions; introduction to diophantine approximation; Heisenberg groups and theta functions
  • 2013: Serre's Duke paper on modularity; miscellaneous
  • 2012: Hecke algebras; chapter 1 of Bump's book on automorphic forms

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