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2020 Experimental Mathematics

I taught MAST90053 Experimental Mathematics in Semester 1, 2020.

There is a lot of practical information in the subject handbook entry.

In a nutshell, we will spend the semester exploring the use of computational methods (predominantly of a symbolic, as opposed to numerical, nature) to assist research in mathematics. The main tools at our disposal will be the software package Mathematica (which you can obtain via this webpage, look for Wolfram) and the free open source system SageMath (which can be obtained here).

I will give more information about this in the first lectures, but you can get a head start and attempt to install this software on your own computer/laptop. It will be possible to access and use the software without installing it on your own device, but this will give you more flexibility.


The first assignment is now available! Get the pdf file here.

The solutions to the first assignment are now here as well.

The second assignment (together with solutions now) is in this GitHub repository.

Lecture and lab notes

I'll try to keep writing up some kind of narrative around the things that I mention in the lectures and labs.

Here is the current version of the lecture notes (last modified Tuesday 9 June).

Here is the current version of the lab worksheets (last modified Friday 29 May).

Code from labs and lectures is slowly making its way to this GitHub repository.

SageMath resources

Mathematica resources

Other online resources

Some references

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